Extended 3 Year Warranty



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Protect your investment!

Enagic is proud of its reputation as a maker of long-lasting, quality water electrolysis devices. As such, it offers a complimentary, initial warranty period. For those clients requiring an extended warranty, Enagic is pleased to announce the rollout of an extended warranty option at two specific levels:

We offer two options:

A. An additional 3-year extended warranty costing $250
B. An additional 3-year extended warranty also covering one instance of electrolysis enhancer damage coverage costing $400

This product is non-refundable.

Enhancer damage results when clients improperly move the machine while enhancer is still resident within the tank. Clients taking advantage of the secondary, plan B extended warranty would then be covered for one instance of enhancer damage to their machine. Typically, the cost of repairing enhancer damage is approximately $800. Other typical repairs out of the warranty period may result in costly and untimely expenses. Our extended warranty provides you with the peace of mind knowing the quality of your Kangen Water® machine is preserved for an additional 3-year time period.

This extended warranty may be purchased on any machine, either new or previously-purchased. If an original warranty is still in effect, the extended warranty will commence at the conclusion of the standard, factory warranty and extend the warranty period an additional 3 years. If the original warranty has expired, the extended warranty will apply for an additional 3 years from the time of purchasing the extended warranty.

This option is only available to users who have purchased a Genealogy Request.

If you have already purchased a report, please login to submit a request. If you are an E8PA member, please go to https://information.enagic.com.