Short Faucet

Including: 1 Short Faucet 1 Bottom holding steel plate 1 Anti-slip steel washer 1 Nut 1 Instruction Fitting for 1/4 inch...

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A high-grade type that comes standard with the LeveLuk series. • Removal of chlorine • Filter replacement interval: Approx. 6 months...

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HG-N Filter

In new innovative efforts, Enagic has produced a brand new filter that can't be duplicated nor multiplied. Unfortunately, our competitors feel that...

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F8 Filter

F8 High-grade water filter for the K8 unit.

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Anespa Ceramic Cartridge

Filter replacement interval: Approx. 3 years (depending on the water quality) A two-pronged combination of radium hot-spring and bamboo-charcoal...

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