We are proud to introduce to you, the Enagic E-Friends!! E-Friends is created as a tool for our distributors to keep up with current events and new announcements.

You will be able to read very interesting stories about distributors who use and distribute our products, see pictures from Enagic events, and receive motivational advice. Each month will be better than the next, so don't miss out!!


"Enagic has pledged to start a global revolution in True Health - in the form of physical health, economic health and mental health. This pledge is supported by hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world. Enagic offers safe water that can be used with confidence to benefit health, beauty, sanitation, cuisine and almost every aspect of life that comes in contact with water. The world is changing and we have entered the age of "human technology marketing". As an integrated development, manufacturing, sales and service company of alkaline ionizer technology, we combine Hi-Tech with Hi-Touch. Market vitality now depends upon a merging of high technology and the personal relationship between human beings. Enagic has teamed up with an international network of offices and independent distributors around the world, to spread the idea of “True Health“, while building a global company with worldwide operations. Welcome to Enagic!"

Hironari Ohshiro | CEO Enagic International, Inc.