Enagic's Original ESPRI Experience

ESPRI takes us on a journey of personal achievement within Enagic and its philosophy on human performance. Our model is crafted from the personal life experience and lifestyle philosophy of our Founder, Mr. Hironari Ohshiro. His steadfast commitment to the constant and dedicated improvement of lives around the globe sets the stage for ESPRI's action-packed experience!

Our full-day program starts early and introduced Heroes-In-The-Making to their original and unadulterated greatness. We investigate the meaning of personal relationships in our lives and how they form the cornerstone of success in life. A successful Enagic experience is predicated upon mastering human relationships and how those relationships lead to mutual success. ESPRI offers a plethora of interactive role-plays, all designed to introduce, experiment and master the skills necessary to grow your Enagic mission. It's a fun-filled day!

Enagic Director of Communications Don Prosser leads the ESPRI Experience and developed it, having presented it for the past two years. Don brings to light a concise one-day experience and over a decade of experience with Enagic. Experienced in developmental psychology and life coaching, Don wraps proven self-development strategies with YOUR involvement, crafting a marriage of insight and FUN! Can you imagine what YOU'LL experience?

Interested in hosting an ESPRI Experience in your town?

Hosting an ESPRI Experience is simple and turnkey. With a minimum 75-100 in attendance, Enagic USA contracts with the venue and covers operational costs associated with setting up the ESPRI class. Your assistance comes in when you help us secure a suitable venue in your area. A typical ESPRI class of say, 100 attendees, requires a room with seating for 200 as we move chairs, separate into dyads, etc. (seated theater-style).

Once the venue is secured and we have a definite go date, Enagic USA markets your ESPRI event and opens RSVP through our dedicated online marketing partner, EnagicWebSystem.com (EWS). Enagic USA collects all registration fees ($25/person) and pays all related expenses. Your job is to encourage people to pack the house!

It's easy to get on board, and the testimonials from previous attendees really point to the effectiveness of the ESPRI model. So, if you're ready to embrace, enhance and empower your own success, contact us at marketing (-at-) enagic . com TODAY to plan an ESPRI Experience in your neck of the woods!


Cynthia Briganti
6A8-6 Enagic Distributor

I want to endorse Don Prosser's Enagic ESPRI training as one of the most effective means of building your Enagic business that I have seen. Don and I have worked arm-in-arm for years and I've seen him positively influence thousands of people with his insights into both Enagic and human relationships. Don present an original framework to investigate WHO you are interacting with, not only WHAT you are marketing. It's a fun-filled program that I completely support!

Janine Jannicelli
6A Enagic Distributor

You helped people interact, share, communicate better, step outside of their box and learn that it's more about building meaningful relationships than it is "selling a water machine". You caused all the attendees to "See the big picture", "Get out of their comfort zone", "Get real", "Face adversities in their own lives and address them HEAD ON".

You helped people to want to seek long term relationships with others, enhance their lives with dreams that COULD become realities.

You caused everyone to feel comfortable enough to open up their hearts and lives to you and the entire room, share and to want to make a difference in the lives of others. You caused everyone to feel that : They CAN be successful at Enagic, In health, in love AND in LIFE !

Ann Racpan
6A Enagic Distributor

The ESPRI event helped us distributors to be able to get to know ourselves better, and also helped us to recognize our weak areas as well as our strong areas. The quiz that Don Prosser used was an effective tool for that.

The event also showed us a totally different way to approach/recruit prospects. I've heard of 10 to 15 minute demos from other top distributors before but still not quite sure how to do it. I guess what Don meant by that was just by finding out someone's inner desire during a 10 to 15 minute conversation, one should be able to know where and when to include Enagic in the picture, and that's where recruitment begins.

I must say this is what training should always be like. Very educational and not repetitive. Teaches people skills for sure, and I think everyone needs this type of training and not just the shy, conservative ones. This is more about listening than talking, hearing people out and understanding what they want or have to say.

Thank you for organizing this ate Norma/kuya Ken Kehoe. Such an awesome, successful event!

Maria Alcaraz
Enagic Distributor

ESPRI training help facilitate better leadership and communication skills with my team by showing them how to build a positive relationship with their new business partners. Don's training truly help find the Hero within me, how to reveal the best self of myself. I am grateful for his Amazing Fabulous training, left feeling passionate about my mission and purpose. I now understand it's not just a sale of a machine, it's the personal relationship you build with your business partners. ESPRI has been a great impact on my life in becoming Maria the Hero, sharing True Physical, Mental, financial Health and Love.

Mandy Harley
Enagic Distributor

I'd like to share that the ESPRI training yesterday in San Diego was so powerful. It was just so good!!! Every part had so much value. My friend who is a new distributor has totally turned around, the light bulb went off! It was so perfect and is so much aligned with the trifecta webinars that Todd and Matt Clemmer, Curran Alvarez and Gregory did!!! Sharing the true vision of Enagic.

Thanks again and we are looking forward to ESPRI 2!

Jackie Walton
Enagic Distributor

The ESPRI training had a powerful impact on myself and my business. I love that Enagic is using this program to build people not business, but it goes hand in hand. I am so appreciative to have had this opportunity to work with Don and his skill to empower and move people past their comfort zone. Priceless!!

Cami Scholz
6A Enagic Distributor

Today we witnessed, experienced, and journeyed together through the jungles of Enagic Magic = EMagic! Thanks to our wise sage and Superman Don Prosser, we discovered new nuggets in dealing with relationships, how to approach them, keep them, and nurture them. Surely we all went away with a fresh insight in who we were, who we are, and who we can become in Enagic - the very heart of ESPRI!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your presence made today's add-venture truly a memorable one, worthy of memories to tuck in our hearts!

Thelma Lao-Rivera
Enagic Distributor

First, I would like to thank you so much for coming to help us booster and ignite our growing team in South Florida. How nice it is for person of your caliber to spend time with us, dine with us, sharing your life story, we got to know you more and just being you!

There is a very big impact in our life what we learned, what you taught us and we all agree that we see the heart of Enagic through you! We, I personally will improve more awareness my relationship with people not only in business but overall generally. You are such amazing mentor, coach, counselor. We appreciate you so much!

Marilyn Caporini
6A2 Enagic Distributor

I would like to express my heart felt gratitude for Don Prosser creating this class for our distributors.

We had 67 in attendance here in Dayton, Ohio and it truly was a life-changing day for all who participated.

His ability to create a safe environment for growth and transparency is extremely beneficial for personal growth in each participant.

The ESPRI Class is more than the ability to grow your Enagic business; it creates personal growth which then translates into the ability to help yourself and others to manifest and spread True Health to all.

We want Don to return as we can build upon the platform that he has given us!

Richard Cheng, MBA
6A4 Enagic Distributor Certified Senior Trainer

Enagic's ESPRI program is much more than a "sales training course". This program embodies the 3rd health in Mr. Ohshiro's vision of TRUE HEALTH. It is designed to empower regular people to realize their true potential. A potential that many of us didn't realize we had. Through the ESPRI program, we get to explore, to interact, to learn, to feel, to experience things in ways we didn't know that we didn't know. ESPRI goes way beyond empowering you in your Kangen business but also in your personal relationships, in your family, in your communities, etc. If you open yourself to the possibilities ESPRI offers, you can see a real shifts in what matters most in your life and discover what every single human being wants - FREEDOM.

Angus Cheng
5A Enagic Distributor

A device a day, helps families each day. By helping families each day, it keeps their troubles away. The ESPRI Event taught me that these are not just machines or ionizers. These are Life Altering Devices (LAD). Many think its just a machine or its just a business where you have to SELL. This machine has touched many peoples lives by changing their physical or financial state which allows them to experience peace of mind while they're alive. Sometimes its not about making an income but to make an impact to those around you. After ESPRI, I have touched 7+ and Thanks Dan counting! Thank you Don Prosser for reminding me the sole reason why I joined Enagic.